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Parks & Recreation Foundation Founded in 2007, the OPRF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancements of open space and enrichments to youth and adult programs in arts and recreation.

The O’Fallon Parks & Recreation Foundation was established in 2007 to accept donations for development of programs, facilities intended to provide educational, and enrichment programs for youth and adults.  The foundation provides management of private and public sector funds for enhancements to O’Fallon arts, parks, and recreation programs.  The Foundation is a Not For Profit governed by the Board of Directors, under the tax exemption status as provided in Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Tree and Bench


O’Fallon Parks and Recreation and the O’Fallon Parks and Recreation Foundation (OPRF) offer a unique and poignant way to commemorate loved ones and special events through the gift of a tree or bench. Each gift is tax deductible through OPRF and is also an enduring way to support, beautify and enhance an O’Fallon Park by participating in the Tree and Bench Commemorative Program. Program participants select either a tree or bench to be purchased through OPRF. O’Fallon Parks and Recreation coordinates selection, placement with the participant and then purchases and installs the item. A commemorative brick is installed with each tree or bench. This offers a distinctive and visual way to personalize each tree and bench and commemorate the reason for their purchase. Participants also receive a certificate and locator map.

The Tree and Bench Commemorative Program is a gift opportunity presented through the O’Fallon Parks and Recreation Department and the O’Fallon Parks and Recreation Foundation (OPRF).

Founded in 2007, the OPRF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancements of open space and enrichments to youth and adult programs in arts and recreation programs.

Participation in the Tree and Bench Commemorative Program is tax deductible as a charitable contribution through the OPRF.


The program costs cover the purchase of the tree or bench plus installation materials such as concrete for the bench pad and the inscribed commemorative (6in x 6in x 3in) brick. Participants also receive an 8 ½ x 11 inch Certificate of Commemoration and an 11×17 inch map identifying the tree or bench location. Program administration and installation labor is provided through O’Fallon Parks and Recreation at no additional cost to encourage maximum participation.

$250.00 per tree

$1500.00 per bench


Sites for trees and benches may be limited at some locations but every O’Fallon Park plus the O’Fallon City Cemetery is a participating site.

● O’Fallon Community Park ● O’Fallon City Cemetery ●Hesse Park ● Ogles Creek Park ● Rock Springs Park ● Savanna Hills Park ● O’Fallon Family Sports Park ● Thoman Park


Participants can select a tree from the following categories: flowering or shade.

Commemorative trees are approximately 2-2 ½ inches in caliper size and 5-8 feet tall. A commemorative brick is placed in the mulch ring at the base of the tree. O’Fallon Parks and Recreation selects and locates trees based on the planting needs of the selected park and the most appropriate site for the type of tree selected.


Commemorative benches are 6 foot long vinyl coated steel benches. Beige benches are typically used at the O’Fallon Family Sports Park and green benches elsewhere. A program coordinator will assist in selecting a location within the participant’s desired park. Each bench is installed on a 8 x 4 foot concrete pad with the commemorative brick inset into the pad.


Participants may indicate any special requests on the order form. While every effort will be made to honor these requests it may not be possible to honor each and every request. If honoring a special request is contingent to participation please contact a program coordinator and discuss the request prior to submitting the order form for processing.


❶ Complete the Commemorative Tree Order Form and return to O’Fallon Parks and Recreation with payment. Payment must accompany the order form. ❷ Trees and benches are normally ordered and installed in 6-10 weeks after the order form and payment are received. Trees are not planted between May 15th and October 1st or December 15th and March 1st. The commemorative brick is placed with the tree or bench at time of planting/installation. ❸ A Commemoration Certificate and locator map will be mailed to the address indicated on the order form. If an email is provided a notification will be sent when the tree is planted or the bench installed.