Childhood Music and Movement: My Neighborhood Community – O'Fallon Parks and Rec

Childhood Music and Movement: My Neighborhood Community

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Location: Rock Springs Rotary Nature Center

Ages:   4 – 7

Fee: $89.00

Come join your neighborhood children in our community of music makers. Explore around my home and your home. Compare where people, plants, and animals live. Find out how people and animals live in special habitats very close together. Learn about horses and rabbits, robins and worms, and cats and mice in stories and songs. Discover the majesty and wonder of the sunflower. Find the perfect apple! 

Each session, your child will: sing, move, and make music; take part in activities indoors and out; make a simple nature craft. Caregiver/Guardian will join session in the last 10-15 minutes if each session for family music time.  

Class fee: $89.00 (You pay for 6 classes, and may attend 6-8 sessions that fit your schedule)

Family Activities and Materials

Outstanding Musikgarten CD/Digital music download

Full color 11 x 17” neighborhood picture for each child, with cut-out animals to move around in the environment

Parent Activity Book, with immersion activities to help each family discover different neighborhoods in nature.

Family Packet: (Parent Activity Book and CD recording/ Digital download for home, poster, 6 Game Pieces, and 1 Coloring Page in a Sturdy Folder.) $33.00 to be paid to Instructor at first class meeting.


Barcode: 9510 June 7-August 9,  11am – 12pm

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Barcode: 9541 June 8-August 10,  9am – 10am

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Barcode : 9507 June 9 – August 11, 11am-12pm

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Barcode: 9508 June 9 – August 11, 6:30pm-7:30pm

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