Get Golf Ready – Adults – O'Fallon Parks and Rec

Get Golf Ready – Adults

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Location: Cardinal Creek Golf Course

Dates: (Tue & Thur) 2022

May17-May 26, Barcode 9392

June 14- June 23, Barcode 9393

July 19- July 28, Barcode 9394

August 2- August 11, Barcode 9395

Time: 5pm – 5:45pm

Ages:  18 +

Fee: $125

This three week class meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We have developed a “state of the art” Golfer Development Instructional Program.

This program is designed to allow new golfers to learn the fundamentals and quickly be ready to play on the golf course. Plus, improve the experienced golfers game without the cost and pressure associated with private lessons.
All lessons will take place at the Cardinal Creek Golf Course on Scott Air Force Base. Arrangements will be made to allow participants base access for lessons.

May 17- May 26,2022

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June 14- June 23, 2022

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July 19- July 28, 2022

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August 2- August 11, 2022

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