Parent ‘n’ Tot Music: My Musical World – O'Fallon Parks and Rec

Parent ‘n’ Tot Music: My Musical World

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Location: Rock Springs Rotary Nature Center

Ages:   3 Months – 3.5

Fee: $59.00

Build a special bond with your child through music! Sing, bounce, rock, and dance to songs from around the world! Delight in Alouette from France. Swing and sway to Bandtanz from Germany. Rock to songs from Korea and Scotland. Bounce to The Bear Went Over the Mountain. Dance to a Jazzy clarinet with Baby is My Darling, and many more! 

Program fee includes tuition. Additional program materials are required for initial class. Required Materials (1 per Family – $37.00) includes: Parent Book (24p), CD with digital code, 1 Bean Bag


Barcode: 9495 June 7-August 9,  10am – 10:30am

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Barcode : 9496 June 9 – August 11, 9am-9:30am

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Barcode: 9505 June 9 – August 11, 5:30pm-6:00pm

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