Golf Instructional Assessment & Lesson Program

Cardinal Creek Golf Course, Scott Air Force Base

Activity Information

Fee: $170.00

Ages:  18 and up

Instructors: Zach Peters

Golf is played on a golf course. Not a driving range. Average golfers never reach their goals mainly because they don’t accurately understand where they are starting from. Only on the golf course, in actual game-like conditions, can we discover your golf games true strengths and weaknesses.

  1. 1. Personal Assessment: Our State-of-the-Art Assessment of your golf game will bring you and two or three other players to the course to play a 9-Hole Game Assessment, to determine where you currently stand in regard to your golf game. During the round, our PGA Professional, Zach Peters, will track very key specific statistics for the round. Such as results of shots from inside 100 yards, outside 100 yards, missed putts inside 4 feet, total putts and penalty strokes.

2. Develop Personal Plan: Following the round, we will meet and discuss your personal statistics and then develop a customized individual plan to help you achieve your goals. Our commitment to your improvement is with guaranteed results. A plan could include individual or combinations of private lessons, short game lessons, group lessons, participation in The Scoring Method and/or the Red White Blue Golf Program.

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