Weather Updates

Perry Weather Lightning Detection

  • Mass Notification-it helps our staff help keep our park guests safe in inclement weather
  • Makes safety for lightening a “black and white” answer.  Siren goes off, leave the field until  the Strobe light stops and the all clear siren goes off. Resume play
  • Provides real time weather updates through mobile and web-based application
  • This system can be developed to fit all our needs. It can also be modified to not only handle inclement weather but all emergency situations
  • Consulting available for all our events.  App, live feeds, and meteorologists available 24/7
  • Modern technology with a proven lightning detection system.  Can adjust the machine sirens and time of operation, etc., from administrator login.
  • No maintenance
  • Solar powered
  • Cellular Device-2g-4g towers.  Data pulls from local airport
  • Provides an alert system through email to the people of the administrator’s choosing
  • Countdown clock for weather delay that resets whenever lightning strikes.  Time delay of 20 minutes until all-clear
  • Poor weather alerts can also include freezing weather temperature alerts
  • Adjustable alert zones (5 miles out, 10 miles out, 20 miles out, etc.)
  • No false alarms