Do I have to be a resident to register for an activity or program?

No, our programs are open to residents of any community. For select programs/activities, we provide a discounted rate to our residents.

When does Summer Camp registration begin?

Camp registration begins January 1st or the first business day of the calendar year.

When does baseball/softball registration begin for the spring/summer season? When does baseball/softball registration start for the fall season?

Summer registration starts in January. Fall registration starts in May.

When does soccer registration begin for the spring? When does soccer registration begin for the fall season?

Summer registration starts in January. Fall registration starts in May.

When does basketball registration start?

Basketball registration starts in August for all leagues.

Where do you find out if a program or activity is canceled?

You can check our weather hotline at (618) 622-1439 or check our department’s Facebook page.

Can I request a coach or friend for my child to play sports with?

Yes, you can request a coach for your child and one friend per registration. Only mutual friend requests are guaranteed, but we try to meet as many requests as possible. If your child ends up on the waitlist, there is no guarantee that any coach or friend requests will be met.



When do pavilion rentals start?

Residents can begin renting pavilions on February 1st. Non-residents can begin renting pavilions on March 1st. Pavilion Rentals are March 1st – October 31st.

When do Splash Pad Rentals start?

Splash pad rentals are accepted on May 1st. The Splash Pad can be rented Memorial Day Weekend – Labor Day Weekend.

When does the pool open each year?

The pool opens the Saturday before Memorial Day, weather permitting. Private pool rentals are accepted starting April 1st.

Where can I register for a program or rent a facility?

We accept registrations and rentals online or at our office (Katy Cavins Community Center). We do not accept registration or rentals over the phone.

How far in advance can I book your indoor facilities?

The O’Fallon Station can only be booked 6 months in advance. The Katy Cavins Community Center, Rocks Springs Rotary Nature Center, and The Grange Log Cabin can be booked up to one year in advance.

How do you alter/withdraw/cancel program registrations or rentals?

You must provide, in writing, your requested changes. Alterations are not accepted over the phone. You can visit us in person or use “contact us.”

Still have questions?

Use our contact form to submit an inquiry or give us a call at the number listed below.