Somatic Movement

Thoman Park

Activity Information

Fee: $10

Ages:  18+

Instructors: Jennifer L. Smith
Date: April 24th & May 22nd

Time: 5:30pm-6:15pm

Open to all levels of fitness, ability or disability, ages, and genders. Modifications and adjustments are encouraged for your comfort, flexibility, strength, preference or choice.

This class will be held at Thoman Park, outside in the grass, behind the pavilion.

We will breathe through gentle movements focusing on grounding and awakening the spine and continue to move to release any stuck points using somatic awareness. Turning inward helps to quiet an overactive mind and encourage you to feel more whole and connected to your body. With less structure and form than yoga, embodied movement is flowing, nurturing your body and soul. There is no wrong way to move, only what does or does not feel good (or possible) in your body at the time.

Please bring a blanket to start warming up on the ground (or mat, if choose to be under the pavilion). You will have the option to stay on the ground, moving upper or lower body together or separately, from seated or on hands and knees. Wear comfortably loose or well-fitted clothing, like yoga pants or sweatpants, whatever you can move easily in.

Facilitated by Certified Embodiment Coach and Breathwork Facilitator, Jennifer L. Smith, LMT, RYT-200 of Holistic Journey Somatic Bodywork.

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Somatic MovementWednesday, April 24th10222Enroll Now
Somatic MovementWednesday, May 22nd10223Enroll Now

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