O’Fallon Station

212 E 1st Street, O’Fallon, IL 62269

About O’Fallon Station

O’Fallon Parks & Recreation’s newest attraction, O’Fallon Station, was developed in the hopes of redefining the traditional idea of a park by becoming a place where families come to spend time together while supporting the community. 

Built along the historic railroad tracks in O’Fallon Illinois, O’Fallon Station is a symbolic presence of days gone by and an evergreen reminder of a community that continues to grow and thrive.

Farmers Market from the 2nd Saturday in May to the 3rd Saturday in October.

Host Your Next Event at The O’Fallon Station

O’Fallon Station is the perfect spot for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, corporate events and more! With an open concept layout, high ceilings and beautiful windows, this area can be transformed to fit any kind of occasion. Check out this beautiful, elegant location for your next event.

  • Capacity: 120 with tables and chairs
  • Station can only be booked up to 6 months in advance
  • There is no kitchen in the station
  • No air conditioning (ceiling fans)
  • Radiated ceiling heaters for colder days
Security/Damage Deposit (Refundable upon Inspection and key returned)$350$350
Hourly Rental Fee (2 hour minimum) Monday-Thursday/Friday between 8am to 3pm only$50 per hour$75 per hour
Half Day Rate 8am – 3pm/3pm – 10pm  (Monday-Friday only)$250$300
Half Day Prime Rate 3pm – 10pm Saturdays on Market Day$300$400
Full Day Rate 8am – 10pm Unless on a Market Day  (Full Day required Saturdays and Sundays)$400$500
Amplified Sound DJ/Band Music – Special Event Fee Required (No music fee if you are using Blue tooth Speaker only)$100$100

General Information & Insurance Policies


If Serving Alcohol Proof of DRAM Shop Insurance is required with City Listed as co-insured/additionally insured.    Policy must be for $1 Million.   

If Selling Alcohol: Contact City Clerk 618-624-4500   Ext.8715

All events are to be concluded and clean up completed by closing time (Renters must clear the facility one hour prior to contract end time).   Set Up and Clean Up must be done only during the time the facility has been reserved.

All set up and clean up is to be done by groups using the facility. The booking party will not be permitted in the room to set up or clean up before or after the requested rental time. Your caterer, DJ, decoration committee or any  other outside service must  arrive during your rental time. Early set up will not be permitted without additional rental fees.

The booking party is completely responsible for all setup and breakdown, including stacking of tables and chairs correctly and putting them away after the event. Food providers (caterers) are still required to bag and remove trash into dumpsters as well as clean table tops.

Clean-up equipment will be made available in the utility room. Failure to properly clean the building will result in forfeiture of rental deposit and denial of future reservations.

The booking party is solely responsible for any and all accidents or injuries to persons or property resulting from the use of the facility. The Booking party is responsible for the control and supervision of all people in attendance of their event.  The  booking party shall take care that no damage is done to the facility and that all of the attendees conduct themselves in an   orderly manner in and around the facility including the surrounding park areas and parking lot.  If damages or behavior of the group are deemed inappropriate or unsafe for any reason, the function may be stopped in progress and denied further use of the facility.  In addition, if it becomes necessary during the course of the function to summon the police for any reason, all or part of the security deposit will be forfeited. 

Activities/events are to be carried on inside the building only and are not to expand to adjoining parking areas in a manner as to disturb neighbors. MUSIC ONLY BETWEEN HOURS OF 7AM – 10PM NO EXCEPTIONS – FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN 100% FORFEITURE OF YOUR DEPOSIT.

The City of O’Fallon Parks & Recreation Department will not be liable for any claims for injury to damages resulting from or arising out of the Facilities premises and the permit holder agrees to indemnify the City of O’Fallon Parks & Recreation Department and hold it harmless against any and all such Claims, damages, losses, or expenses.

Tables and chairs included in the building for set up by renter: 15 x 60″ round/20 x 8ft rectangle | 120 chairs | Round tables seat 8

General Conditions:

A)  All Park & Recreation facilities are smoke free.

B)  No equipment installation or building modifications are to be made unless approved in advance by the Director of Parks and Recreation.

C)  Decorations used in the building are to be as fireproof as possible. Decorations to be attached to the building are to be approved by the building supervisor. Decorations are to be removed by the end of the event.

D)  The facility is not equipped for cooking; but, prepared food may be brought into the building for serving, provided all food and catering equipment is removed at the end of the event/activity.

E)   Activities/events are to be carried on inside the building only and are not to expand to adjoining parking areas in a manner as to disturb neighbors.

F)   No candles or other inflammable materials shall be used, except for food warming equipment brought by caterers.

This includes centerpieces.

G)  The set up of chairs and tables is the responsibility of the group utilizing the facilities. The group is also responsible for the return of the tables and chairs to their original storage locations in good order.

H)  All activities/ events shall be properly controlled and supervised whenever persons participating in the activity are less than 18 years of age.  Teen parties need to be approved by the Parks and Recreation Director.  If approved a minimum of

1 adult  representative per 10 youth must be present (the hiring of a building attendant will be determined by the Parks Staff.

I) It is agreed that the person and /or organization making the reservation will be held responsible for ensuring the facilities rules and regulations are complied with.

J) O’Fallon Parks and Recreation do not recommend bringing valuables to the facilities,  any valuables that are brought into the facilities are done so at the renters own risk .  O’Fallon Parks and Recreation will not be responsible for any valuables lost or stolen

Built by The Community, For The Community

Since its inception, O’Fallon Station has fostered the continual growth of the Downtown District through community events, weddings, and classes that offer adults and children the opportunity to learn something new. 

Opened in 2019, O’Fallon station now hosts the Vine Street Market every Saturday from May-October, attracting thousands of people from the Metro-East who come here to shop for artisan goods, produce, locally sourced meats and many other unique items.

Browse Our Upcoming Events

There is an event for everyone at O’Fallon Station – from cooking events that encourage you to bring a pet along to art classes that help you harness your inner Picaso. O’Fallon Station is the perfect place to find fun throughout the year!