Spring Updates

Hello O’Fallon! Springtime is our unofficial start of league time.

We kick off our leagues with spring soccer and baseball/softball. Our recreational sports leagues are some of our favorite activities in the parks and recreation department. Our leagues also provide the opportunity for some our youth and adults to come out and officiate league games. We like to focus on creating a positive learning environment for our players, coaches, and officials. 

While out on the fields, games are seen from different perspectives. There is the perspective of the player, coach, spectator, and official. That said, please keep in mind that everyone on the field may not see a play in the same manner. For this reason, we have the referee/umpire as the impartial judge of the game. As with any item, the referees are human. Sometimes, calls may be missed, or a call may not be seen in the same view of the coaches, spectators, or players. This is not the time to yell at or belittle the referees. This is the time to calmly ask for clarification or provide a teaching moment. Kids and adults alike are turning away from officiating youth sports because they do not want to encounter the attitudes and unconstructive criticisms of those on the sidelines and bleachers. In the end, this makes it difficult for league coordinators to keep consistent sports officials and ultimately it hurts the quality of the league. 

Were you around Rock Springs Park on March 1st?

If so, you may have noticed city and fire vehicles at the park. You may have also noticed the gates closed and the signs that read “PARK CLOSED”. Our parks and fire departments conducted a prescribed burn. A prescribed burn is an intentional burning of grass, brush, and other greenery that has different benefits and functions. Prescribed burns are important to the park’s ecosystem by eliminating invasive plant species. These species can be a nuisance to trees. Prescribed burns also aid in eliminating leaves that can lead to accidental brush fires during exceptionally dry and windy times. Finally, prescribed burns can also enrich the nutrients in the soil. 

If you are interested in reading more about prescribed burns, Productive Parks gives a very intuitive read on the subject. Please visit the link here.  

Registration Information

Summer Camp: Summer camp registration is open! We offer preschool camp, general day camps, and specialized mini camps. Camp always fills up fast, so sign-up fast before the spots are gone!

O&S Baseball/Softball registration is open. Spots are filling fast! Baseball starts at age 4 and goes through 12th grade. Softball starts at age 4 and is offered through 10th grade. Practices will begin April 1st!

Beginner Fencing starts with a new 8-week session on March 6th. Monday and Wednesday classes are available. Register now. 

Our Yoga program is back for another 6-week session. This program will begin on March 6th. Registration is open. 

Did you get a new puppy during the holiday season? Does your pup need puppy training? Our 6-week puppy training session starts on March 8th.  Come on over and see us. Maybe we can save some of the shoes from being chewed up!  Classes meet once per week

Dust off your dancing shoes! It is almost time for our beginner dance class series to start. We begin on March 9th with our 5-week session of the Foxtrot. Classes meet once per week. 

Kindergym is back! Bring your older preschooler or kindergartner up for our fun gymnastics skills class. Registration is open. Class will begin on 3/13. 


Pavilion rentals are open! Residents of O’Fallon and Shiloh can start reserving pavilions on February 1st, while non-residents can reserve them starting March 1st.

Job applications are live! If you want to join our team in any of our departments, be sure to go to www.ofallon.org to see what employment opportunities are available and open for applicants. We are currently looking for soccer officials and baseball umpires.  

To register for programs or reserve facilities, visit our website at ofallonparksandrec.com or visit us at the Katy Cavins Community Center, Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5:00pm. We hope everyone stays safe and warm this winter season!